• 9am Check-in
  • 9:25 Conference Committee & MCLA Welcome
  • 9:40 Keynote Speaker (Pat Griffin)
  • 10:15 Workshop 1
  • 11:10 Workshop 2
  • 12:05 Lunch
  • 12:50 Workshop 3
  • 1:45 Workshop 4
  • 2:40 Capstone Experience/Reflection/Evaluation
  • 3-4pm Social Hour

This years workshops

36 Years of Marching: Northampton’s Pride History

Transgender 101

When Love Hurts: Bringing Out Last Skeleton Out of the Closet

Intersectional Discrimination: Race and Sexual Identity

The Politics of Passing

Best Practices and Policies for Creating Inclusive Sports Teams for LGBTQ People

LGBTQIP+ Community 101 for Community/Youth Workers

The LGBTQ Community and Lyme Disease: Inclusiveness in Healthcare Advocacy

Homophobia and Its Roots in Misogyny

Queer 101 300: Lost Voices in Queer History

Safe Zone Workshop: Part 1

Owning the Coming Out Experience: Looking at Cass’ Coming Out Model and Exploring Our Own Experiences Through Writing

My Life as a Teen: A Half-Century Ago and Today

More Than Flying a Rainbow Flag: An Introduction to Pastoral Care for LGBTQ+ for Leaders in Faith Communities

Bi/Pan Sexual Erasure

A Search for Myself: LGBTQIAP+ Individuals in Comics and Video Games

Let’s Talk About It: A Discussion for Parents and Youth about Puberty, Sex and Consent

I think/ know my child is l/g/b/t/q…What do I do now?

LGBTQ+ Spirituality: Life, Hope, and the Courage to Be Who You Are

Unheard Voices: Stories of LGBT History